Tyler Morgan

May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one


A tall man with powerful shoulders, a fierce tanned face, and eyes that seem to flash and glitter with self-deprecating laughter. It is a face to be dominated by, or to fight: never a face to patronize or pity. All his movements are large and balanced, like those of a wild animal, always filled with purpose.


Trained as a ship’s mechanic, Tyler was a sergeant at Serenity Valley on Hera when the call came through to surrender to Alliance forces. Reluctantly he complied and surrendered to a unit of nine Alliance soldiers who were advancing on his position. Relieved of their weapons and bound, they were seated together under guard.

A few hours later as the Alliance soldiers made preparations to leave, the ranking officer, for reasons known only to himself, gave his men orders to execute the captives. None of the soldiers even seemed to think to question the order. Tyler was hit several times but none of his wounds were fatal and he was left for dead.

Several days later he sneaked aboard a departing Bernard Class salvage vessel and managed to remain hidden until they reached Boros. He stole medical supplies and food and debarked not long after the crew had left to complete their business there. His physical wounds healed rapidly but the nightmares left him drained. Almost every night he would awaken sitting bolt upright, covered in sweat with his heart pounding in his ears as the memories faded. The Retcon helped take the edge off but it was illegal and hard to get hold of. Still there were always ways.

The next six years saw Tyler take any job that might help him to track down the Alliance soldiers responsible for murdering his unit. Eventually he managed to hack into Cortex military records and download a list of units present at the Battle of Serenity Valley. After examining and cross referencing the list he narrowed his search down to one unit, Alpha 721, which took heavy casualties on U-Day with only nine survivors. The face of the officer in charge with his cold, sadistic eyes was one Tyler would never forget. The records showed that six of the soldiers including the officer had left the military but three were still serving here on Boros.

It didn’t take much to locate the barracks that housed the three and careful observation showed them to be creatures of habit. Frequenting the same alehouse every week during down time and usually returning drunk and in high spirits by the same predictable route. It was almost too easy. Not long after that an explosion in an alley behind an Alehouse frequented by Alliance soldiers claimed the lives of three of the Alliances finest.

Three months later saw him on Beaumonde in the Kalidasa system where an accident at one of the Blue Sun refineries killed a security guard by the name of Sherman Jennings a week after Tyler went planetside. Now he’s looking for a way off world and will happily work his passage. In the mean time he is using every opportunity to access the Cortex to find any hints as to the locations of the remaining five targets.

Tyler suspects that the Officer in charge at the Serenity Valley massacre, Stephen Alexander, is still working for the military as all records regarding him after that time are classified. In fact Tyler suspects that Alexander is now an Operative of Parliament.

Tyler Morgan

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